Where will Russell Wilson play in 2022?

There have been rumors for quite some time that Russell Wilson might want out of Seattle. The Seahawks weren’t the team they once were when Wilson first appeared on the scene in 2012, and it wasn’t until last offseason — despite not making an official trade request — that Wilson gave the Seattle front office a roster of teams who he would accept too.

He ended up playing in a Seahawks uniform in 2021 — but appears to be on the move this offseason.

According to ESPN, “Initial indications from people within the organization are that it would be quite a surprise if Wilson were treated. The NFC will be wide open next year, and Seattle believes Wilson will have a catch-up season in the second year of offensive coordinator Shane Waldron’s system.

Nonetheless, his talents will be a hot commodity for 2022. There are many NFL teams that are just a quarterback away, and as you can see from the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams, a competent signal caller can make all the difference in the world.

According to BetOnline.ag, the Pittsburgh Steelers are the most likely landing spot for Wilson’s talent in 2022. Here’s the full odds list:

Russell Wilson next team (if not Seahawks)

Pittsburgh Steelers +450

Philly Eagles +500

Miami Dolphins +500

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +600

New Orleans Saints +700

Las Vegas Raiders +800

Chicago Bears +1000

Denver Broncos +1100

Carolina Panther +1200

Cleveland Brown’s +1400

Indianapolis Colts +1400

Washington Commanders +2000

Tennessee Titans +2500

Green Bay Packers +3300

New York Jets +3300

New England Patriots +3300

San Francisco 49ers +3300

Houston Texans +4000

Atlanta Falcons +4000

Baltimore Ravens +4000

The teams that catch my eye on this list are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Green Bay Packers, and the Washington Commanders.

According to NFL Network’s James Palmer, the Buccaneers put in a lot of work to acquire Wilson. Tampa Bay who has +600 The odds of landing the quarterback, lost only to Tom Brady, who retired last month, is just a season away from winning the Super Bowl and is in strong “win-now” mode, according to BetOnline. Though contract negotiations are imminent and free agents may leave, they still have the talent to remain a well-managed playoff team.

The Green Bay Packers are also a team that’s exceedingly talented heading into 2022 — and may be on the verge of losing star quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Matt LeFleur is a brilliant offensive head and it would be quite a blow to bring in a guy like Wilson who is also used to playing in colder weather if they lose the two-time reigning MVP. The packers have +3300 Chances of landing Wilson.

The last team I could land Wilson with and have a dominant influence would be the Washington Commanders. Washington has +2000 Probability of taking on Wilson, who has been renamed to a new team name, has new fancy uniforms and has a very good head coach in Ron Rivera. All that’s missing is a competent quarterback and a League mandatory sale of the team. Taylor Heinicke was a solid quarterback placeholder for the Commanders, but Wilson would give the team a major boost in the nation’s capital and make them an immediate competitor in the NFC.

sleeper alert?! The Patriots have +3300 Chances to land Wilson – and despite not drafting Mac Jones until 2021, they’re a team that has several talented veterans on the list who could be walking out the door soon. Will they make a move for Wilson? I doubt it. but it’s something to watch out for since nobody really knows what Bill Belichick’s next move might be.

After all, if I were a punter, I’d give the commanders a coin +2200.

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