Tucceri retires as director of Tahanto; praised for a successful career

BOYLSTON — Because Diane Tucceri retired after 32 years, much of it in administrative roles at Tahanto Regional Middle High School, the school committee took note of her contributions before she presented her report as principal on May 24.

Superintendent of Schools Jeffrey Zanghi commented on “the amount of things Diane has done for the district” and said her “commitment to this school district” is outstanding.

“We will miss her,” he said.

Tucceri, who has long supported athletics at the school, gave a report that included highlights from sports teams:

“It’s been a pretty exciting year for Tahanto. It began at the end of the 2021 school year when baseball, softball and lacrosse were the last district tournaments to be held in Massachusetts. Baseball won the District 3, Division 4 tournament and played in the state semifinals.

“For the year 2021/2022 we had almost 475 participants in 38 sports,” reported Tucceri. “In the fall, over 200 (one-third of the school) from Tahanto participated in the sport,” with some students participating in the West Boylston football team, while West Boylston students participated in the golf and cross-country teams of West Boylston through the co-op programs Joined Tahanto.

The fall season was one of the most successful in Tahanto school history. Girls Cross Country took first place in the first Central Mass. tournament. Field hockey, boys’ soccer, and girls’ soccer each finished first in their league.

“It was the boys’ soccer team’s first league title in 15 years and they qualified and won in the first round of the state tournament. The girls’ soccer team put on a Final Eight appearance at the state tournament that went into overtime.

“Once again, the winter brought great sporting successes. We had 88 students compete in MS, JV and varsity basketball, cheer and hockey with the Hudson Co-Op. Both the boys and girls basketball teams qualified and picked up a few victories in the state tournament. Qualification for the state tournament followed the girls basketball team winning the first girls basketball league title in Tahanto history,” said Tucceri.

“Right now, 175 student-athletes are participating in the spring. These include Tahanto students who play lacrosse and tennis for Hudson and West Boylston, and West Boylston students who play on our track teams.

A number of Tahantos track members are attending the state meeting, she said, and baseball (second in state), softball (seventh) and lacrosse (13th) will all host to kick off the first-ever Central MA Spring tournaments.

“They have all qualified and will most likely host their respective state tournaments. It should be an exciting end to the athletics school year.”

New finance director

Also introduced at the meeting was Nancy Konisky, who will take over the position of Director of Finance and Operations effective July 1, replacing Robert Conry.

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