Top 10 non-Americans in the European League of Football

It can hardly be argued that the European Football League (ELF) no longer represents the best talent Europe has to offer.

International American Soccer players eager to pursue their profession flocked to the league when its second year was launched. And as the league draws to a close and the playoffs fast approach, it’s not just that anymore American who have the greatest impact Europe.

For this reason we have created a list Top 10 Non-Americans in the league to show a little love to all the local talent and show the rest of the world that football belongs Europe.

1. Glen Toonga – RB – Hamburg Sea Devils – 1,127 yards, 16 touchdowns

Glen Toonga dominates his position like no other in the ELEVEN. The jumps he‘s made as a running back this year are monumental.

He’s not just the best non-American in the world ELEVEN but arguably one of the most dominant players of the period.

2. Philipp Haun – WR – Tirol Raiders – 42 receptions, 428 yards, three touchdowns

Haun was him of the Austrian Football League (AFL) MVP in 2021 with the Danube dragon. He dominated American and Austrian defenders alike.

Boy Viennese product hasn’t missed a step since he came over ELEVEN. He’s an integral part of the league’s most prolific passing attack Raider Tyrol.

3. Alejandro Fernández – DE – Barcelona Dragons – 11.5 sacks, five forced fumbles, 33 tackles

Fernández seems to have jumped out of a hole in the ground. The 21-year-old has discreetly honed his skills Finland and Germany and has now taken over ELEVEN up front and quickly established himself as one of the league’s most influential pass rushers.

4. Goran Zec – DB – Wroclaw Panthers – three interceptions, seven pass breaks, 63 tackles, 2.5 sacks

2018 a young Serbian with the name of Goran Zec signed with the Swabian Hall unicorns. He quickly established himself as a utility defender with the ability to play anywhere on the field.

Zec has since cemented his position as Mr. Jack of all trades and is without a doubt one of the Wroclaw Panther most valuable player.

5. David Izinyon – DE – Berlin Thunder – 63 tackles, 2.5 sacks, one forced fumble

Izinyon is an absolute move. Its sheer power and athleticism scare runners to death.

It’s no coincidence that the Berlin thunder Fate began to turn when he signed for the team in Week 3.

6. Thomas Schnurrer – LB – Vienna Vikings – 80 tackles, two interceptions

Thomas Schnurrer is surrounded American in the statistics table when it comes to duels. This is for the boys Austrian is accustomed from his time in the AFL with the Graz Giants last year.

Purrer is one of many Austrian in which ELEVEN show the rest Europe why Austrian Football is elite.

7. Anton Wegan – RB – Vienna Vikings – 528 yards, three touchdowns

That viking happy to have been blessed with the Wegan brothers. Two running backs with a low center of gravity and an ability to play with the ball in hand.

Anton Wegan was the highlight for the this year viking after his brother’s nagging injuries, but hasn’t disappointed. If Anton is fine, that’s it viking tend to win.

8. Timothy Knuettel – WR – Rhein Fire – 42 receptions, 510 yards, five touchdowns

Rhine Fire Timothy Knüttel has perhaps the best hands in the league. He has the highest catch percentage of receivers with receptions over 20.

The 30 year old German has proven to be a lifeline for the quarterbacks he has played for that year. He might not have scored all the touchdowns, but he certainly made all the hard receptions and racked up countless first downs.

9. Aleksandar Milanovic – OL – Vienna Vikings – lots of pancakes

That Serbian-Austrian Milanovic is a staple for the viking since he started playing for them in 2005.

Milanovic earned a scholarship to State University of Sacramento in California (NCAA Div. 1 FCS) in 2011 but returned to the viking in 2017. His experience has been put to good use in Vienna and anchors one of the best offensive lines in the league.

10. Robin Wilzeck – WR – Berlin Thunder – 21 receptions, 625 yards, five touchdowns

Wilzeck, like the rest of the Berlin thunderstarted the season slowly but has since exploded, averaging a league lead 29.7 yards per catch.

At almost every game he threatens to take the top off with his breathtaking speed. Boy Germanwho won the German bowl last year with the Dresden monarchsHe has a bright future ahead of him in football.


Marco Schneider – WR – Raiders Tirol – 34 receptions, 542 yards, six touchdowns

Creating a top 11 list is just cumbersome, but it wouldn’t work Europeans justice when young Austrian Marco cutter was left out. Along with haunSchnieder offers the robber a hard, safe slot that can hit the man cover.

That robber probably have the best receiving core in the league, and they all are Austrian.

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