Tom Brady focuses on ‘revenge’ against Rams: I just want to do football

ONEafter defeating the Philly Eagles by doing Wild Card Round, that Tampa Bay Buccaneers want every detail in front of the face Los Angeles Rams especially the legendary quarterback in the divisional round Tom Brady.

the seven-time Super Bowl winner prefers to cast aside any distractions that could hamper the Buccaneers’ preparation and made that clear.

Yes we played them earlier in the year but it was a very different team that we had and I think a little different team that they had too

Tom Brady on Rams

“I think it is important for all of us to repeat good processes. If you come at this time of year, don’t do much differently. You just do more of what got you here. We do more of the things that work… You’re trying to eliminate all the other distractions.” I even told[Vice President of Communications]Nelson [Luis], ‘I don’t want to do anything extra this week. I just want to play football,” Brady said.

Tom Brady on Buccaneers: “Turn off all distractions”AP

“That’s all I want to do to prepare and get ready. That’s how we should all approach it. This is not the time for going to the movies. This is the time to focus on football. We only have three days left and we have to earn more.

“Just look at it like this [as far as] anything you can postpone until the end of the year. We just hope the end of the year isn’t Sunday night. We have to earn it. You have to win and move on,” the quarterback added.

Brady hopes to learn from the past loss to Rams

Brady hasn’t forgotten the Buccaneers’ loss Aries in week 3 of the regular season but says the reality is very different for both teams today, according to the quarterback, who led Tampa Bay to a rematch with the Saints of New Orleans last season.

After two regular-season losses, Brady and the Buccaneers defeated the Saints in the playoffs last season, a feat that could be repeated this time against Los Angeles.

“I think all of these games are a little bit independent of each other. Yes we played them earlier in the year but we had a very different team and I think they had a little bit of a different team too so they are each their own individual kind of game.

“It’s really about this game and what we learned from the last game. Anytime you know your opponent, I think it gives you a little understanding of what he’s doing well, things you wish you had done. But it’s a very talented football team [and] one of the greatest teams in the NFL – really good offense, great defense, really well coached, great specialists. It’s going to be a very, very difficult game for us,” Brady said.

Brady winks at the Patriots

Additionally, the veteran quarterback has brought a wink to the teams he has previously played for, which have allowed him to establish himself as one of the greatest players in NFL history.

“I think it’s just a credit to all the great teams I’ve been on. I’ve just been part of so many great teams over a long period of time. I love that I’ve been able to do it for so long. I love the game and I love being out there with my teammates,” Brady said.

“We have had a lot of success over many years by trying to do the right thing. What we’ve done here over the last two seasons has been a lot of fun for me to learn and grow with these players and our organization. We have put ourselves in a good position. Now we have to take advantage of that,” he added.

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