The 49ers are expected to beat the Broncos in Week 3

In Week 3 of the NFL season, the Denver Broncos and the San Francisco 49ers face off Football on Sunday night. Broncos Wire takes a look at the temperature of the NFL landscape and their tips for this important game.

Per Football Talk-NBC Sports: Winning 49ers

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PFT contributors Mike Florio and Michael David Smith both predict a Denver loss. “The Broncos are caught up in the mechanics of play calling,” Florio said. “The 49ers have an elite roster. Now that the quarterback situation is resolved, look for the 49ers to thrive.

Sports news: 49ers win

Vinnie Iyer watches the 49ers come to Denver and pick up a win. “The 49ers’ winning formula remains the same with Jimmy Garoppolo,” Iyer said. Like most writers across the board, he sees the Broncos’ offensive inconsistencies as an Achilles’ heel toward points on the board.

ESPN: win 49ers

ESPN’s Eric Moody and Seth Walder both predict a 49ers win with identical 23-20 results. San Francisco writer Nick Wagoner even predicted that the Niners would not allow a touchdown pass from the Broncos’ Russell Wilson.

CBS sports: win 49ers

CBS Sports writers agree that the Broncos’ red-zone mistakes in the first two games of 2022 against the 49ers do not bode well. Author Jordan Dajani highlighted the irony of the 49ers keeping quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo into the offseason and believes his consistency will be key to the game.

NFL Network: win 49ers

NFL Networks Around the NFL Editor Gregg Rosenthal completes a unanimous group of writers predicting a 49ers victory. “I have questions about Denver’s offensive line that are being answered this week in a way they weren’t against Seattle and Houston,” Rosenthal said.

Denver being an underdog at home is an unusual occurrence. Can the Broncos prove the experts wrong?

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