Soccer. AV Nouvion wants new infrastructure after the rise

President David Moulier wants to meet the congregation to discuss developments. (© The Journal of Abbeville)

It was quite simply a first for Nouvion football. The Somme football district announced this on July 19Future of Nouvion (Somme) and its President David Moulier the rise of the division.

The club will now play in D2 after the withdrawal of Valines, who wanted to go down a notch. A decision that was a consecration, a first for the first team that had also reached the 4th round of the Coupe de France last season !

The referee dressing room is too small

This increase thus generates changes at the organizational level. From now on, two referees will be present at every game, previously only one. Which worries the President “Infrastructure is no longer sufficient. Today, Only one referee can be accommodated in the dressing room« .

The question also arises on the side of the dressing rooms dedicated to the teams for the leader : “They’re too small. In training we have to use both because it’s no longer possible from 14 players onwards. »

The two senior teams currently have around forty players, to which must be added the volunteers who accompany them.

“We had commitments”

The desire of the association and those responsible is now to meet at the town hall to meet find ways to improve. “We will be meeting with the community team and our leaders to discuss what we can do. We had commitments for the club at the previous municipality. In the event of promotion, we were promised new dressing rooms or at least an extension of the existing ones,” explains the president.

made plans

During the previous term of office, led by a different majority than the current one, plans were made ; without the process continuing. David Moulier therefore hopes that the municipality will implement its projects, because he affirms that “with these infrastructures we can no longer represent the municipality with dignity. »

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Even if he acknowledges the existing efforts on the part of the community : “The town hall helps us a lot, but when we see what’s happening around, we think we’re late. Especially since there are many subsidies to limit the cost of the work as much as possible. »

For his part, Mayor Maurice Forestier states that he “ had no contact » with David Moulier since promotion and has no details to add at the moment.

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