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When the Boulder County and Broomfield County prep football teams first take the field in the spring 2022 season, they will have three big goals on their backs.

Last June, in an incredibly few hours for the local women, Dawson, Holy Family and Broomfield clinched the state championships on the same day at Weidner Field in Colorado Springs. The Dawson Mustangs in Class 2A started the day with the highest-ranked state championship in Colorado girls’ history with a dominant 15-4 win over Telluride.

The Holy Family of twelve followed immediately with a 2-1 stunner against No. 2 evergreen in the Class 4A title game, where Gianna Sandoval netted the game-winner from 30 yards with 12 seconds left. Next up was Broomfield’s 5A championship game.

The Holy Family girls soccer team lifts the trophy after defeating Evergreen at the Colorado State 4A Girl’s Soccer Championships on Saturday, June 26, 2021 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Long before the season even started, Holy Family coach Michelle Griego had no doubts her team would end up there.

“I really believed our girls would win the state,” she said. “I emailed them at the start of the season that we were going to do that. They’re a really good group of girls and I think everyone kind of underestimated them. They were definitely a very special group.”

The dramatic ending was certainly the icing on the cake, but not for everyone in attendance.

“It was great that our neighbor down the street won fashion that they won,” said Broomfield trainer Jim Davidson. “One of the things that really concerned me about this Holy Family game – we cheered for them, of course – but a lot of our girls are friends with the Holy Family children or have played club football with them.

“There were my girls waiting for our game and waiting for us to get into the dressing room and get ready for our game, so my girls were all watching the Holy Family game and how that game ended was really disturbing in such a dramatic way me. My girls were all really looking forward to their boyfriends and I was like, ‘Oh no, can we focus?’ Luckily we were able to focus but I think it was a great moment for Holy Family and that’s why we were very happy and proud of them.”

Indeed, that was where the focus was for BHS and the Eagles capped the day with a 3-1 win over Rock Canyon for their second state title in school history.

This year all three teams know their way back to the championship won’t be easy. The Mustangs lost one of the most prolific goalscorers they — and Colorado — have ever seen in Degen Miller, who had 99 goals and 40 assists in 33 career games. The Mustangs have been 2A’s in six straight title games and while they know they’ll have their work cut out for them to come back this year, it won’t be such an easy task without Miller.

“Of course we had a lot of 10-0 games last year and I don’t know if it will be the same this year,” said assistant coach Erik Davies. “Luckily they have the perspective and know that without work there is nothing. The school motto is their motto, so to speak, that if they want to do it again they know they have to work for it, and probably a little bit harder than last year.”

Broomfield also lost a top shooter in Bella Arreola, who scored nine goals, while Holy Family said goodbye to Lauren Clingman, who led the Tigers with 11 goals. Despite those senior losses, all three coaches are confident they will field teams that can be just as competitive this year and who will earn far more than the No. 12 post-season.

No matter how the season ends, one thing is for sure. Colorado girls soccer better watch out for Broomfield and Boulder County teams. You are dangerous.

“On the girls’ side, we have something very special going on in the area,” Davidson said. “There’s a lot of depth, a lot of really talented players, some talented coaches and I think the programs in that area are really thriving right now. Hopefully we can continue like this.”

Crème de la Crème: 2021 All-Region TeamFirst Team (Name, Class of 2020-21, School)F Jillian Acosta, Sr., Silver Creek; F. Maddie Brady, Jr., Broomfield; F/MF Bailey Giddings, So., Broomfield; F Addie Lowrie, Sr, Monarch; F. Degen Miller, Sr., Dawson; F Madeline Borncamp, Sr., Niwot; F.Kate Runyon, So., Jefferson Academy; MF Eve Bleam, Jr., Boulder; MF Brae Cole, Sr., Monarch; MF Juliauna Hayward, Jr., legacy; MF Kylie Hoffman, So., Legacy; MF Reagan Kotschau, So., Broomfield; MF Blythe Sales, Sr., Fairview; MF Maddy Timms, Sr., Dawson; D Madison Allshouse, Jr., legacy; D Annika Kassenbrock, Sr., Silver Creek; D Jordan Okada, Sr., Fairview; D. Taryn Rea, Jr., Broomfield; D Sarah Uhler, Sr., Holy Family; GK Olivia Dietrich, Jr., Holy Family; GK Kara Nelson, Jr., Silver Creek.

Honorable MentionAbby Anson, Jr., Skyline; Paige Armstrong, Jr., Legacy; Bella Arreola, Sr., Broomfield; Monet Becvar, Jr., Silver Creek; Kacy Clements, Sr., Holy Family; Lauren Clingman, Sr., Holy Family; Emerson DeLuca, Fr., Broomfield; Dylan Drennan, Jr., Broomfield; Natalie Farhar, So., tip to tip; Kiera Flannagan, Sr., Niwot; Elise Freedman, Sr., Dawson; Jaelen Giron, Sr., Holy Family; Nora Hayden, Sr., Niwot; Maddy Hays, Sr., Erie; Greta Heinemann, Sun., Fairview; Alisha Herremans, Jr., monarch; Maggie Hirsch, Sr., Jefferson Academy; Lauren Hudson, Jr., tip to tip; Ella Jimenez, Mrs., Erie; Shay Kercher-Pratt, So., Legacy; Ava Kuszak, Jr., Holy Family; Mikayla Kyle, Sr., Centaurus; Helen Leon, Jr., Dawson; Jessica Martinez, Sr., Centaurus; Katie McConnell, Jr., Boulder; Michaela McGowan, So., Broomfield; Macee McKenna, So., Broomfield; Lauren Muniz, Fr., Dawson; Kayla Osegueda, Sr., Niwot; Emma Phillips, Fr., Frederick; Morgan Potts, Jr., Jefferson Academy; Kendall Rippley, So., Legacy; Paola Rubi, Sr., Skyline; Gianna Sandoval, Jr., Holy Family; Cate Sarinopoulos, Mrs., Boulder; Allie Seery, Sr., Met; Claire Silverman, So., Fairview; Ann Spence, So., Centaurus; Sophia Stalter, Fr., Monarch; Helen Stegner, So., Jefferson Academy; Kyla Stroker, So., Fairview; Madison Tallman, Sr., Erie; Cora Thorndike, Sr., Mead; Kateri Trujillo, So., Prospect Ridge; Mia VanLeeuwen, Jr., Silver Creek; Megan Wagner, Fr., Peak to Peak; Karinne Walther, Sr., tip to tip; Haley Williams, Jr., Mead; Tiffany Yie, So., Niwot; Ilise Ziebarth, Sun. Fairview.

LAFAYETTE, CO - June 19, 2021: ...
Front range Christians Avery Murray (left) and Dawson’s Kate Epstein walk up for the ball. Girls soccer in Dawson hosted the first round (quarter-finals) of the Class 2A state tournament. (Cliff Grassmick/staff photographer)

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