Questions and Answers with Duke Football: Jacob Monk


DURHAM – the voice of the blue devils David ShumatHe sat down with senior offensive lineman Jacob Monk for a short question and answer session.

DS: When you found out you were elected captain, what did that mean to you?

JM: It meant the world. I’m being given a lot of responsibility and I accept that. I feel like the main thing about being a captain is being a serving leader. Don’t ask anyone to do anything you wouldn’t do yourself and lead by example.

DS: Speaking of which, you’ve been asked to perform a little and move to the game center. How was this transition for you and do you feel like this is an old habit at this point?

JM: There was a lot of fun. I’m still learning every day. You can never know enough about a defense and you can never know enough about myself. I’m learning more and more about how to improve the position and also how to help in offense.

DS: What does the study grant mean for you? When you come out and see so many of the people you go to class with or support on campus?

JM: It’s overwhelming. In my fourth year, student turnout has never been higher. We see it with Cameron all the time, and it means to the world that they came all the way here to support us. We go to class with them and it means the world to see them in our stands too.

DS: I need you to explain something. You said you’re allergic to cold water? take me through it

JM: Yes, I am very allergic to cold water. So, quick story, before we played Alabama my freshman year, I decided it would be a good idea to take a dip. I thought, “This is really cold!” I didn’t know it would be so cold. I get out of the cold tub and take a shower and I’m just itchy. I have a lot of hives all over the place and when I get out of the shower I pass out in the locker room.

DS: Another thing you mentioned is that you love to cook. What is your signature dish or specialty?

JM: Ribs and mac n’ cheese.

DS: How do you go about cooking them?

JM: I cook them slowly.

DS: Do you have a secret sauce?
JM: Yes a little.

DS: We can’t get it out of you, can we?

JM: no

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