Paris Football Team announce their first two signings

Graphics: Igor Lazarevic

That Paris soccer team has announced the first two signings of his young year in European Football League with the addition of French National team members, defensive tackle Mamadou Sy and offensive tackle Mamoudou Doumbouya.

Sy and Doumbouya are French giants who impress forces on their respective sides of the ball. The two are longtime friends and made history by simultaneously becoming the first players in the ELEVEN franchise in city ​​of lights

The 6’3″, 287 pound Sy has spent the last two seasons with the Frankfurt galaxy in which ELEVEN. In 2021 he won the first championship game in the league galaxy, after a regular season in which he played three games and registered three tackles. He took on an expanded role last season, playing in all 12 games, recording 18 tackles and adding a sack. His large body closes gaps at the line, allowing his teammates to come in behind him and stop.

On the offensive line the 6’4″ Doumbouya weighs 300 pounds and can serve as an anchor for any team in the trenches. He’s played with that before Berlin rebels of German football league and has spent time in the Spanish (Las Rozas Black Demons) and French (La Courneuve Blitz) leagues too. It is projected that he can act as an offensive tackle who can be in charge of the blind side of the yet-to-be-determined quarterback.

That Paris Team added these players ahead of their first combine, which will take place at La Defense Arena in Nanterre on 20.11.

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