LOOK: Penn State sells Chad Powers t-shirts with proceeds going to walk-in customers

Getty Images

Chad Powers is the latest quarterback phenomenon to excite fans of the Penn State football program. Of course, he can’t play for the Nittany Lions because he’s Eli Manning’s alter ego, but the program still thrives on his popularity.

In a recent episode of Eli’s places, Manning used long hair, a mustache, and a fake nose to dress up as Chad Powers and train during Penn State’s walk-in tryouts. The video went viral and Powers became an online sensation.

Now Penn State is selling T-shirts with a picture of Powers and his now-viral quote “Think fast, run fast.” Additionally, $15 from each sale will benefit the team’s running players.

Penn State is also hosting a Powers-inspired 40-yard dash contest ahead of Saturday’s game against Central Michigan. If fans can beat Powers’ time of 5.49 seconds, they will receive a free “Think fast, run fast” shirt.

The Chad Powers part was such a hit that some TV studios are already trying to make a show based on the character. According to a report by TMZ Sports, Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions has been “inundated” with requests to create a Chad Powers show.

At least one concept resembled Ted Lasso, a series about an American football coach who is hired to run an English football club. Powers will remain a Penn State urban legend for now.

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