Gun Cavalry push forward in CNFL South

That China Football National League South The conference was busy in the last week of September with all six teams on duty.

By the time the dust settled, one team had separated from the crowd, and it was a four-team race for two playoff spots.

Gun Cavalry 35 – Wuhan Spicy 18

Go against them in their upcoming street game gun cavalrythe Wuhan sharp felt optimistic. They had a solid team in front of them Nanchang. Above all, they had an ace up their sleeve: superstar wideout Wang Shida, most recently the Cologne Centurions by ELF, was back in China.

However, the gun cavalry got away with a 35-18 win.

The game started with the gun cavalry and the Spicy Trade touchdowns, with WR #80 Li Jianfeng (李建锋) coming into play from 25 yards gun cavalry and WR #7 Ming Shuhui, who ducks and dodges pistol Defender going for a 65-yard touchdown for the Spicy. But during the gun cavalry voted to kick an extra point, Wuhan went to the 2-point attempt and failed. So it was 7-6 ahead of the cavalry scored a second touchdown and was 14-6 at halftime.

In the second half the cavalry running game took control, and Wuhan Defense began to wane as the Gun Cavalry built a 28-6 lead. Wang Shida made a big play on a long touchdown to cut the lead to 28-12. Still cavalry would seal the game with another touchdown beforehand Wuhan eventually scored their final touchdown with another long pass.

Despite the explosive nature of Wuhan Passing Attack, who rushed for 300 yards and had three touchdowns from 60+ yards gun Running play was the dominant factor as Wuhan’s defense weakened in the 2nd half.

This provided the gun cavalry right in first place with a 3-0 record and Wuhan fell to 1:2.

Guangzhou goats 11 – Shenzhen buffalo 8

That Guangzhou goats improved his record to 2-1 with a narrow win over the Shenzhen buffalo, which fell to 0-3. It was a heartthrob of a season for that buffalo. They lost the two games they actually played by a combined 7 points. That goats continue to find ways to win, with a winning margin of four points overall.

Foshan South China Tigers 14 – Guangzhou Apaches 8

That Foshan South China Tigers and the Guangzhou Apaches The rivalry game was the most exciting game of the weekend Apache came up just short in the last game of the match.

Both teams traded touchdowns early on, but that was the difference Apache Convert 2-point attempt to make it 8-6. The score stayed the same until the final quarter, where both teams played fast and furious in the final minutes. Foshan’s Defense came up with a huge interception, and the South China Tigers offense advanced Apache‘ 5-yard line looking to take the lead. But then the Apache‘ Defense stood high on a goal-line stand and forced a turnover on downs. That Apache appeared to be able to run out of time. However, disaster struck again for the Apachewhen this time there was a fumble South China Tigers one last chance Foshan didn’t waste it, scoring from 3 yards to give the SCT a 14-8 lead.

In time it runs Apache could get the ball into midfield and it all boiled down to the most exciting game in football, the Ave Maria. And it was a heart stopper of a last game when that Apache The receiver caught the ball… but was tackled at the 2-yard line. game set and match, tiger.

Gun Cavalry takes control of the South with a decisive victory

After an exciting 3rd round, the gun cavalry have put themselves in prime position as the only undefeated team to win the division south Division. It’s a close race for the other two spots as there’s currently a four-team blockade. Multiple teams can finish with the same record because the division is so even from top to bottom. Also the 0-3 Shenzhen buffalo are more than capable of playing spoilers.

This ended the action in the CNFL before the break! That CNFL resumes the game on October 15th with another action-packed weekend!

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