‘GO BOLD!’ when City of Aventura honors their Bold Nation Soccer teams

First, the City of Aventura’s Under-10 soccer team, Bold Nation, won the West Pines Cup.

Bold Nation Sports Founder/CEO Christian Blandon and his coaches loved it, as did the youth, their parents and city officials. But right after that prestigious award, the city’s Bold Nation U15 football team won the Alliance Cup.

This called for a big celebration, and Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce (AMC) Chairman Gary Pyott knew exactly how to celebrate.

Very quickly, the AMC teamed up with the City of Aventura and Christian Blandon to hold a special AMC Breakfast Meeting to honor these outstanding young professionals who have learned so much about teamwork, dedication, perseverance and hard work on and off the field . The beautiful Hilton Aventura was the location for the full house meeting which was attended by 99% of the team members and their parents, thanks in large part to the work of City Director of Community Services Kimberly Merchant and her team and U-10 parent , Raul Fadel.

Cameron Wheeler (Camie Liz), one of the superstars from AMC’s YOUNG STARS SHOWCASE, greeted all guests with songs accompanied by master pianist Moises Herrera. Blandon brought along national sports presenter Jorge Andres and during the program the two spoke about the many benefits that youngsters receive from participating in sports. “My goal is to empower our youth through sport and create leaders on and off the pitch. Winning a football game isn’t the goal, but winning in life is!” said Bladon.

Mayor Enid Weisman was thrilled when she spoke about how proud the whole city is of all the young soccer players who have given their all to bring home trophy after trophy and become a great source of pride for the whole city. She paid tribute to Christian, who shares his passion and commitment to the sport with all young people every day. Mayor Weisman added: “How wonderful to be able to celebrate the success of Aventura’s incredible Bold Nation Soccer teams – move to Manchester United – Aventura is in house!!!”

Blandon asked two of his young football stars, nine-year-old Alex Padilla and 14-year-old Martin Gabela, to speak about what football meant to them, and the room was dead silent as each youngster took the podium and spoke from the heart.

Blandon and Andres spoke about ‘The journey from children’s football to professional sport’.

Aside from the inspirational comments from both on how hard these youngsters have worked and how football has laid such a great foundation for their future, both are immigrants regardless of their path. Blandon, whose parents were at the event, spoke lovingly about how he always wanted to make them proud of himself and how they always supported him on his journey to follow his dreams of becoming a professional footballer. Discussing his background, Andres said that perhaps one of the most influential words he was ever said was “Do it now!”, a phrase that ringed true to so many in the audience, adding:

“Christian and his team have done a wonderful job with these children and ALL leaders in the space are critical to the success of our city and the future of these young children.”

Kimberly Merchant, the city’s Director of Community Services, said: “Travel soccer was a necessary next step for our residents and today we have 124 youth in our City of Aventura Travel Soccer League, which is led by Christian.”

FPL AMC Executive Committee member Chris Ferreira read the names of all players as they walked to the podium to receive a medal from Mayor Weisman and certificates of appreciation from the City of Aventura and AMC during the reception line.

Attending the reception line were City Manager Ron Wasson, Deputy City Manager Bryan Pegues, Police Commissioner Michael Bentolila, Christian Blandon, Jorge Andres, Kimberly Merchant, Hilton General Manager Royce Brady and AMC Chairman Gary Pyott, all waiting to greet the youngsters in person congratulate .

From time to time one comes out of an event on a ‘natural high’ and this gathering has done just that and everyone is confident that our nation will be in good hands with young people like these as our future leaders.

For more information on City of Aventura sports programs, contact Kimberly Merchant at commercialk@cityofaventura.com

For more information on Bold Nation Sports, please contact Christian Blandon at christianblandon@boldnationsports.com

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