Corliss Waitman returns to his European roots with the Broncos’ trip to London

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Many Broncos players are in Europe for the first time as the team prepares to face the Jaguars at Wembley Stadium on Sunday. But for punter Corliss Waitman, it’s quite the opposite.

Waitman was born in Belgium and raised in the Netherlands while his father played professional basketball in the Dutch leagues. He said ESPN’s Jeff Legwold When he decided to play American Football, he never thought the sport would take him back across the pond.

“It’s going to be a little weird,” Waitman told Legwold. “Okay, very strange. Of all the things that I thought could happen in football, I’m not sure I would have said that I would be back in Europe when so many friends and family came to play me a game See I made I didn’t really know anything until I was in high school. I couldn’t have predicted that.

Legwold noted that Waitman did not pay much attention to football while living in Europe, concentrating more on football and athletics. But he and his father moved to Florida before Waitman started high school, and he learned that football was popular in the American school system.

“It wasn’t long before Waitman discovered the sport’s pecking order,” Legwold wrote. “Football was king. When Waitman arrived as a sophomore, he initially took on some kickoff duties for the Milton High School football team before being named an all-state punter in his senior year.”

His success with his high school football team took him to the University of South Alabama, and eventually, after a tough road to earn a spot on an NFL roster, he became the Broncos’ punter in 2022. Legwold noted that watching the Broncos game in London on the schedule served as additional motivation for Waitman to compete for a spot on Denver’s roster.

“It kind of hit me then, just looking at the schedule, if somehow, somehow, I could make it on the team, I could play in front of my family and a lot of my friends,” Waitman said. “And here it is.”

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