Bialystok Lowlanders secure the playoffs in the first round against Tychy Falcons



Lowlanders QB Derrick Evans # 14 finds running space Photo: He & She Fotografia

The Bialystok lowlands took advantage of the injury concerns of Tychy falcon on the last regular weekend of the season Polish Football League, a demonstration of strength in defeating the Hawks 42-20.

Although the Hawks started the season as one of the favorites in the preseason to win the title Bialystok expects the teams to have gone in opposite directions over the course of the season.

To the Tychy, Injuries have been a key factory. After losing both starting quarterbacks initially Jules St. Ge and then Gabriel Losada, the Hawks struggled to assert themselves during the Lowlands are now a force with a dynamic offensive led by Derrick Evans.

A Gabriel Losada-Less offensive took the field first spearheaded by different ones Hawks any game including RB Artem Voitovych (# 4) and import security LaPaarish Lewis (# 6). The carousel offensive, however, proved ineffective since Tychy was forced into a three and out of the first series.

A full force Lowlands Page would take up the field in the middle and work its way down decisively. QB Derrick Evans (# 14) got the Lowlands into the red zone with a 40 yard bomb to widen Jan Kaminski (# 80) to the left on a bootleg. Smell blood in an exhausted Falcon Side that Lowlands then gambled on a fourth down, with Evans hitting the receiver Konrad Marianski (# 83) on a 10 yard slope for the score. A failed extra point after a failed snap kept the score at 6: 0.

Photo: He & She Fotografia

The exclusively wild offense of the Hawks showed significantly more success with the following ride Lewis completed two passes but had difficulty getting into that Lowlands redzone and passes the ball after a failed fourth down-conversion attempt on downs. Bialystok then mounted a drive almost identically to the first; Evans prepared the offense in the red zone with a well-placed deepball on the sideline before climbing it in from the five himself. Bialystok a two-point conversion to 14-0 was achieved.

This time it is Falcon Offensive was able to work its way down the field and put together a precise, but sometimes chaotic drive. This was done through Lewis meet recipient Mateusz Patalas (# 81) on a 35 yard praise of the last ditch attempt after dodging would-be staplers. The extra point put the Hawks just one score after it.

After a great performance by the Tychy Defense has the ball back on the line Lowlands 25 where Lewis went to work and dismembered the opponent’s defense with his legs. But a badly thrown ball by the substitute QB was picked up for safety reasons Jamie Cumberbatch (# 2). Evans then went to work Tychy secondarily, who stubbornly put their corners one on one with the Lowlands Receiver. For consecutive games, Evans hit his receivers in the crotch on the sideline to devour 70 yards before connecting with the Frenchman Benjamin Lolmede (# 6) in the end zone for the score. Half would be 21-7. end up Lowlands.

Tychy Falcons QB-DB LaParish Lewis # 6 Photo: He & She Fotografia

Bialystok exploded in the second half with RB. out of the gate Mikolaj Pawlaczyk (# 6) who ran for first down after first down before pounding him from the middle of the five for the score. Successful with the extra point that Lowlands started running away with the game to secure a week-bye in the first round of the playoffs.

The Hawks, Feel the game begin to slip away, put together another successful drive with both dominant running Paris and Woitovych who crowned the drive with a 20-yard run and shook off the tacklers as he stormed into the end zone to get the score. But the Lowlands remained inconsiderate and refused to take his foot off the pedal. In just two games, they were able to get another score from a 30-yard bubble screen for the French receiver. Lolmede also scored the following points Lowlands drive to make it 42-14 and put the final nail in the coffin for that Tychy.

Backups played the rest of the game for both sides, outside of Lewis and Evans. A 90 yard TD trick game by Lewis and the Hawks would be the only significant event in the closing minutes of the game; this would not affect the end result. The game ended 42-20 Lowlands.

Bialystok have now secured second place and will be rewarded with a bye week in the first playoff round next week. You have run in all three phases and convincingly defeated a limp Hawks Squad. The Lowlands have secretly become one of the most dangerous teams to advance to the playoffs. Tychy, on the other hand, they have to play a wildcard game next week that they should feel safe in, regardless of whether Losada returns.


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