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The Arizona women’s basketball team earned a perfect score of 1,000 in the NCAA’s multi-year Academic Progress Ratings released Tuesday, earning coach Adia Barnes a $15,000 bonus, while the men’s basketball team finished third in the Pac with a 990 -12 jumped.

The UA men’s tennis and beach volleyball teams also achieved 1,000 multi-year scores, which are four-year moving averages of the 2017-18 NCAA retention and eligibility metric. Both men’s tennis coach Clancy Shields and volleyball coach Steve Walker are contracted to earn $7,500 in bonuses for the services.

The Arizona soccer team finished eighth in the Pac-12 with a multi-year rating of 965, tied on points with women’s golf for the lowest score at the school, but both sports were still well above the 930 penalty line.

Meanwhile, Arizona signaled improvement in other multi-year outcomes could be ahead with a school record of 10 programs achieving perfect scores in the 2020-21 school year.

In addition to the three programs with perfect four-year results, the UA programs that recorded 1,000 in 2020-21 included soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, softball, women’s cross country, women’s track and field and men’s golf.

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“The continued excellence of Wildcat athletic students in the classroom continues to reach new heights,” UA athletic director Dave Heeke said in a statement.

Unlike graduation rates, the NCAA’s APR ratings are real-time, relative measures of a program’s retention and academic eligibility. Each player typically represents four opportunities per year, one in retention and one in eligibility for each semester, and the achievement percentage is multiplied by 1,000.

For basketball teams with 13 grantees, a score of 980 means a “miss” for either academic ineligibility or retention. However, there are a number of ways points can be restored – and there is no penalty for players who leave early and sign pro contracts but do so while academically qualified, nor are there penalties for players who transfer but have an average grade of 2.6 or better.

The NCAA’s APR results were updated Tuesday for the first time in two years as the 2019-20 data was not released in 2021 due to COVID disruptions. The year 2019-20 accounts for the four-year rate, however penalties will not be imposed in 2021 and 2022.

APR can be found through the NCAA’s searchable database. Here are the multi-year Pac-12 results in football and basketball:


8.Arizona 965&rdpStrong>

Men’s Basketball

3. Arizona 990&rdpStrong>

Women’s Basketball

1. Arizona 1,000&rdpStrong>

The individual annual APR results that feed into the multi-year rates for UA’s football and basketball teams:


Multi-year average: 965&rdpStrong>

Men’s Basketball **

Multi-year average: 990&rdpStrong>

women’s basketball**

Multi-year average: 1,000&rdpStrong>

* Estimated based on the multi-year average and the values ​​for the other three years. The NCAA did not release results for 2019-20.&rdpEm>

** Arizona men’s and women’s basketball teams received additional point credits to meet their multi-year averages, although revised individual year results were not announced. Based on the multi-year results, UA men’s basketball earned an additional point and women’s basketball received an additional 18 points.&rdpEm>

APR results for all sports in Arizona:

men’s sport

Sport/Multi-Year Score/Score 2020-21 &rdpStrong>

Swimming and Diving/994/989

women sport

Sport/Multi-Year Score //2020-21 Score &rdpStrong>

Beach Volleyball/1,000/1,000

Swimming and Diving/990/987


Bonuses for Arizona coaches

Bonuses paid to Arizona coaches for their program’s multi-year APR score:

Trainer/Sport/Multi-Year APR/UA Bonus&hrdp2>

Adia Barnes/Women’s Basketball/$1,000/$15,000

Clancy Shields/Men’s Tennis/1,000/$7,500

Steve Walker/Beach Volleyball/1,000/$7,500

Jim Anderson/Men’s Golf/995/$5,000

John Court/Gymnastics/995/$5,000

Augie Busch/Swimming and Diving/*/$5,000

Ryan Stotland/Women’s Tennis/993/$5,000

Dave Rubio/Volleyball/995/$5,000

Fred Harvey/track-field-cc/**/$3,450

Laura Ianello/Women’s Golf/965/$1,500

NOTE: Coaches in office during the 2020-21 season will not receive the bonus if they leave before that season’s APR ratings are released (e.g., men’s basketball coach Sean Miller).&rdpEm>

* Busch received a bonus of $2,500 for the men’s swim and dive team (994) and an additional $2,500 for the women’s swim and dive team (990).&rdpEm>

** Harvey received $650 for men’s track and field (982), $650 for men’s cross country (976), $1,500 for women’s track and field (978), and $650 for women’s cross country.&rdpEm>

Arizona’s official 2020-21 APR report, including annual and multi-year rates (since 2017-18) for all sports. Reports are delayed for approximately one year until all waivers and credits are calculated.


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