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(KMAalnd) – It’s the start of week 41 of the 2021/22 sporting calendar year and it’s time for another rousing rendition of Seven Points.

Point 1: Jessica Sun joins society less often

Shenandoah’s senior star Jessica (or Le Yuan) Sun joined a rare company on Saturday to compete for a state tennis championship. During my time covering tennis in the area, there was only one other non-exchange student playing for a KMAland state singles championship.

Red Oak’s Kate Walker did it in 2014 and 2015. Also, Clarindas’ Kristin Kovar beat Red Oak’s Amy Pierson for the individual states championship in 2003. And now Sun joins this crew. There’s just not much happening from our corner of the state, and so we need to celebrate and acknowledge it as much as we can. What Sun has accomplished over the past weekend and throughout this season is an incredible and rare achievement.

Item 2: #WhoHomered (Softball Edition)

Where has #WhoHomered been this season? Well, it’ll be right here at Seven Points. Every Monday throughout the season I will highlight those who hit home runs. But there is a caveat to this. The only home runs I can highlight are those reported to Bound, me and/or the Twitter hashtag #WhoHomered. So keep using the hashtag, keep tagging me, and keep checking in with Bound. Here’s your #WhoHomered list for week 1 softball:


Emmy Allbaugh, JR, Clarinda (1)

Brooklen Black, SR, Shenandoah (1)

Kaylah Degase, JR, Clarinda (1)

Lynnae Green, FR, Shenandoah (1)

Kira Langenfeld, SR, Denison-Schleswig (1)

Kenadee Loe, SR, Catholic Kümper (1)


Kyla Hart, FR, Stanton (1)

Fallon Sheldon, SO, Sydney (1)

Lindze Smith, 08, Fremont Mills (1)


Macanna Guritz, JR, Logan Magnolia (1)

Jadyn Huisman, SO, Treynor (1)


Breanna Nolte, JR, Southeast Warren (3)

Sara Collins, JR, East Union (1)

Campbell Deutsch, SO, Martensdale-St. Mary (1)

Allie Jo Fortune, FR, Wayne (1)


Breeley Clayburg, SO, Coon Rapids-Bayard (1)

Rylee Evans, 08, West Harrison (1)


Raelyn Angerman, JR, Sioux City East (1)

Gracie Bruening, SO, Sioux City East (1)

Libby Leraas, JR, LeMars (1)

Olivia Mentzer, SO, Sioux City East (1)

Averie Morgan, Sr, LeMars (1)

Jazlynn Sanders, SR, Thomas Jefferson (1)

Ataviah Van Buren, JR, Sioux City North (1)


Emma Boswell, 08, Orient Macksburg (1)

Cristen Durian, FR, Twin Cedars (1)

Jillian French, SO, Twin Cedars (1)

Calleigh Klein, SR, Murray (1)

Please email dmartin@kmamail.com to report any missed home runs in the past week.

Point 3: #WhoHomered (Baseball Edition)

We’re a week further in baseball than softball, although some programs haven’t been able to capitalize on that due to missing numbers and spring athletes are still doing their thing. So here’s the #WhoHomered baseball roster for the first two weeks of the season:


Kayden Anderson, SO, Glenwood (2)

Cael Turner, SO, Creston (2)

Britton Bond, SR, Lewis Central (1)

Aron Harrington, SR, Lewis Central (1)

Logan Sibenaller, JR, Catholic Kümper (1)


Cael Corrin, FR, Tri Center (1)

Jaxon Schumacher, JR, Treynor (1)

Gavin Smith, SR, Audubon (1)


Boston DeVault, JR, Nodaway Valley (1)

St Jacobsen, JR, Wayne (1)

Tyler Martin, FR, Mount Ayr (1)

Cade Nelson, SR, Southeast Warren (1)


Jaidan Ten Eyck, SR, Boyer Valley (2)

Jacob Estrada, JR, Coon Rapids-Bayard (1)

Mason King, JR, West Harrison (1)

Ben Lantz, SO, Boyer Valley (1)

Gabe Obert, SR, Coon Rapids-Bayard (1)

Colby Rich, SR, CAM (1)


Ian Gill, SR, Catholic Bishop Heelan (2)

Evan Jalas, SO, LeMars (2)

Bennett Olsen, JR, Abraham Lincoln (2)

Colin Casey, SR, Sioux City North (1)

Lincoln Colling, JR, Sioux City East (1)

Gabe Daniels, SR, Abraham Lincoln (1)

Sam Dattolico, SR, Sioux City West (1)

Gaven Goldsberry, SO, Abraham Lincoln (1)

Kelynn Jacobsen, JR, Sioux City East (1)

Brady Larson, SR, Sioux City West (1)

Joey Podraza, SR, Abraham Lincoln (1)

Aidan Sieperda, SR, Sergeant Bluff-Luton (1)

Peyton Steinspring, FR, Thomas Jefferson (1)


Malachi Johnson, SR, Ankeny Christian (1)

Brycen Wookey, SR, Murray (1)

Please email dmartin@kmamail.com to report any missed home runs in the past week.

Point 4: Best games of week 1 in softball

There’s more to life than home runs. We know that. We’ve always known that. Here are the top single-game softball statistical performances of the week (note they must have been recorded in Bound):

• Running: Olivia Mentzer, SO, Sioux City East (5)

• Hits: Emma Boswell, 08, Orient-Macksburg; Alexy Jones, JR, Sioux City East; Elizabeth Lloyd, SO, Glidden-Ralston; Alexis Narmi, SO, St Albert (4)

•RBI: Lynnae Green, FR, Shenandoah; Alexy Jones, JR, Sioux City East; Rylie Knop, SO, AHSTW; Kira Langenfeld, SR, Denison-Schleswig; Olivia Mentzer, SO, Sioux City East; Kaitlyn Mitchell, SR, East Union (5)

• Total Bases: Breanna Note, JR, Southeast Warren (8)

•Stolen Bases: Danyelle Hikins, SO, Boyer Valley; Charlie Pryor, FR, Woodbine; Maria Puck, FR, Boyertal (4)

•Strikeouts (by a pitcher): Abby Hiatt, SO, Logan-Magnolia (18)

Point 5: The best games of weeks 1 & 2 in baseball

Same story, different chapter. Here’s a look at some of baseball’s best individual single-game performances from the first two weeks of the season:

•Runs: Caden Crow, FR, Southeast Warren (5)

• Goals: Jacob Hobbie, SR, Sidney (5)

•Triples: Drew Volkman, JR, Boyer Valley (2)

•RBI: Jacob Hobbie, SR, Sydney; Brady Larson, SR, Sioux City West (5)

• Walks: Tysn Fogle, SR, Wayne (4)

•HBP: Cade Nelson, SR, Southeast Warren (3)

•Total bases: Lincoln Colling, JR, Sioux City East; Cael Turner, SO, Creston (9)

•Stolen bases: Jacob Hobbie, SR, Sidney (7)

•Strikeouts (by a pitcher): Will Ragaller, SR, Ar-We-Va & Brycen Wookey, SR, Murray (17)

Item 6: This week in KMA Sports coverage

Today is Memorial Day so we won’t be covering much about anything but that’s only because there really isn’t anything going on. Nevertheless, we will be quite active for the rest of the week.

Nick Stavas (@nickstavas) continues his tour of Iowa with coverage of the state soccer tournament. Follow him for the latest news on Underwood, Lewis Central and Abraham Lincoln girls and Nodaway Valley/West Central Valley and Lewis Central boys.

We will also have videos and play-by-play of the following games this week:

•Red Oak at Clarinda Baseball on Wednesday

• Shenandoah at Red Oak Baseball on Thursday

•Underwood at Tri-Center Baseball on Friday

You can always find this and other video streams here through our partnership with Fuller Digital Solutions kmaland.com

Extra point: A quote for the week

I have long believed that sacrifice is the pinnacle of patriotism. – Bob Riley

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