Online direct payday loan -I need an online payday loan from a direct lender

Online payday loans direct lenders

Online direct payday loan -I need an online payday loan from a direct lender

Are you wondering about the loan offer and help you make the final decision? Based on the opinions of our users, we have created a list of the strengths and weaknesses of this lender.

I need an online payday loan from a direct lender

All those who seek large financial support and need more will be satisfied with the loan in this company time to pay it back. Money received from Bowers can be repaid for up to thirty months, which means that the monthly installment will not be too burdensome for the household budget.

Bowers is a product that can be easily used by seniors. When other loan companies limit the ability to lend money to customers over 70 years of age, even a person who is no more than 80 years old can receive money in this company. What’s more, such a loan is granted without any additional pledges or guarantees – just an ID card and a document confirming receipt of a fixed income (eg an extract from a retirement or pension).

Money received from the Loan You can pay in a different way. Many non-banking companies transfer cash to the customer’s account and it is often the only way to collect the money borrowed. In this company we have two other ways – a loan can also be withdrawn at the post office or bank. It all depends on what option is more convenient for us. If for some reasons we prefer to avoid a transfer to a bank account, the Bowers will not be a problem.

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The advantages of the Loan offer

Help us to complete this list! We collect opinions about Bowers and on their basis, we complement the advantages and disadvantages of borrowing in this company. So please describe your experience with Bowers in the comments below. All customer reviews and stories are read and taken into account by us.

Advantages of the loan

  • the long maximum period of using the loan – in Bowers you can enjoy cash for up to thirty months,
  • favorable installment and loan costs – prices in Bowers are comparable to the prices of the competition,
  • loan ideal for seniors – the offer from Bowers can be used by people under 80,
  • various forms of cash withdrawal – the money can be picked up at the post office or bank, as well as withdraw via your own account,
  • no additional security – the company does not require any pledges or guarantees,
  • assistance in the event of difficulties in repaying the obligation – the company ensures that in such cases it will try to find the best solution for the client,
  • lowering the cost of a loan in the event of early repayment – the lender will adjust the fees for borrowing money to the actual loan life.
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