Consolidated loan for indebted people without BIK

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Consolidated loan for indebted people without BIK





Is it possible to obtain financing for debtors in debtors’ databases? The answer to this question is yes and no. Because everything depends on the situation of the borrower, monthly income, and the level of indebtedness in BIK and other databases. If you have a small amount of debt in one of the BIK BIG or KRD databases, we can give you a loan of up to PLN 25,000 for up to 12 months. To do this, click on the button below, select the amount that is appropriate for you, the repayment time, and fill out the form with the necessary information.


Fast credit for debtors without BIK

Consolidated loan for indebted people without BIK

Is it possible to get a loan from indebted persons? Can a person with a debt collector receive a non-bank loan? The answer to this question is yes and no. Because everything depends on exactly what the situation is the person who intends to apply for a loan. It happens that one person who has debt, a debt collector, and entries in the BIK, BIG, and KRD databases, receives a loan. There are also situations when another person can not receive such a loan due to the size of the debt or total lack of income.

Then the question arises, how did such a person intend to pay off the borrowed money? Having a stable income on a bank account due to a contract of employment, benefits or other sources is crucial when applying for any form of financing. Without this, unfortunately, we will not be able to help. If we are not sure about our situation, whether we will receive a positive or negative decision, try to submit an application. It will take a few minutes and we will receive a flawless response. Who knows, maybe the decision will be positive.

where debtors can lend for a loan

How to quickly improve your financial situation?

In the case of debt, it is known that the only way to solve the problem is to pay off debts. The sooner we get the better for it, because especially in the case of delay, the repayment amount grows in an intimidating dull. If the client does not pay it quickly, the total costs of reminders, interest rates, debt collection and court costs can be up to twice as much as the original loan amount. The best way to avoid this is to repay loans and payday loans on time. In the case of even one day of slipping, this situation should be immediately reported to the lender to warn him that the money will not arrive at the bank account within the set time limit. If we can not do it from the next few days, it should be reported immediately and possibly ask for the possibility of repaying the loan repayment in installments.

How to pay off your debt in BIK BIG KRD databases?

So returning to the topic, how to pay off your financial obligations and go straight? Money can be obtained from the sale of unnecessary things that reside in the apartment, or in the cell. A bike that has not been used for a long time can be sold. Same, unused clothes, unnecessary gadgets, and other such things. It is worth following the principle “what I have not used in the last month, will be put up for sale”. Of course, it can be painful because people very often become attached to dead things. This does not have a positive effect on household finances, which can be confirmed by looking at the situation in which we find ourselves.

The next issue that will help pay off loans, payday loans and credits, is to increase your salary. Very often, indebted people are unemployed people , living on benefits , or working for the lowest domestic rate. There is no reason to be surprised. For the most money in the form of credit, people who do not have too much money reach most, and they include all three sections mentioned above. From a loan to debt and an entry in the BIK database is not far away, especially with a minimum salary, which is barely enough to pay bills and survive the next month. It is these people who are most often entered into debt bases such as BIK BIG or KRD .

Work on your finances

So how to prevent this? The key is to increase your pay from work. If you do not, you’ll probably always get into financial trouble. Because can you live a full life for 2 thousand zlotys? No way. That’s why start thinking about changing your job. You can earn several thousand zlotys by including several specialist courses and setting up a small service company. Another option is to acquire skills for which the new employer will want to pay you more. Of course you will have to pay for it, but it will be an investment that will pay off quickly.


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